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The GCA Choral Department offers students a variety of opportunities to participate in choral music. Our choirs are for students with any experience at any skill level. The unique curriculum at GCA allows for all of the choirs and some of the instrumental ensembles to collaborate in large-scale works throughout the year, and allows for more individualized classroom instruction in each choir.


This ensemble is an auditioned high school mixed choir for men and women. Chorale performs in quarterly concerts, school functions, and festivals. The GCA Symphonic Orchestra often collaborates with Chorale, giving students the opportunity to perform symphonic choral music. Each year Chorale goes on a choir tour, performing at local and out-of-state venues. 


Cantáte is an advanced ensemble for high school women. Members of this choir receive vocal coaching and perform repertoire specifically selected for the developing female voice. Cantáte performs in quarterly concerts and participates in an out-of-school festival each year.

Belles Chanteuses

This choir is for beginning junior high ladies with any level of experience. No audition is necessary, and beginners with little or no singing experience will recieve vocal coaching that meets the needs of the adolescent female voice. Belles Chanteuses performs in quarterly concerts and participates in an out-of-school festival each year.


Lacones is a choir specifically for young men in 7th through 10th grade. No audition or previous singing experience is necessary to participate in this ensemble. Members of Lacones will receive vocal instruction specifically designed for the needs of the adolescent male voice. This choir also performs in four quarterly concerts throughout the year and participates in an out-of-school festival.

Advanced Vocal Ensemble

The GCA Advanced Vocal Ensemble is a small jazz choir that performs advanced repertoire. Members of Advanced Vocal must also be members of Chorale. This choir performs at concerts, local events and the NAU Jazz Madrigal Festival in Flagstaff.

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